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Suede Care Guide

Dust it off

To completely renovate your suede shoes, it is important to remove dirt, and prepare your shoes for proper nourishment.
Start by using Saphir Gommadine, to erase dried up stains in your shoes.

Deep wash

Then, to completely wash your shoes, mix a bottle cap amount of Saphir Omnidaim with a cup of water.
Using a small brush, apply the omnidaim mixture around the shoe, and with small circular movements wash out any dirt and sand.
Gently, rinse off excess shampoo with water and let the shoes naturally dry.

Protection and Nourish

After the shoes are completely dried, restore the suede natural look by combing the nap of the suede with a crêpe brush.
Once your shoes are completely dried and clean, use the Saphir Super Invulner spray to infuse your suede shoes. This, will waterproof and protect the suede against dirt and rain. Let the suede absorb the spray for about five minutes.