Outlet sales up to 70%
About • OFFICINA Lisboa is a footwear brand, based in Lisbon, Portugal. We produce exclusively and proudly in Portugal. We believe the simple, can be simpler. We favor quality. OFFICINA Lisboa was founded in 2012 and is owned by Isabel Henriques da Silva & José Maria Reffóios.
Sourcing & Design • We favor high grade natural materials, and chemical free linings. You are what you wear, and we respect that. We source our materials carefully. We love details, and pay them the utmost attention.
Production • Age perfected techniques are the answer we found to ensure the comfort, durability and reliability we believe our costumers and our products deserve. Over 90% of our production process is handmade, conferring each and every one of our products an above average uniqueness and charm. Portugal takes a lot of pride in its footwear industry and we support that cause, producing responsibly and exclusively here.